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Melissa Summersell Music, Singer, Songwriter


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Songwriter and singer Melissa Summersell has released her first record, Bare & Fully Dressed. The project contains 2 disks with 10 songs she wrote and recorded 2 ways. With both the writer’s cuts and the fully produced versions, there are a total of 20 tunes so you’re certain to find something you love. Traditional eclectic with a lean toward twang, it is nostalgic, real and down-to-earth. It’s a dancin’-in-the-kitchen record from start to finish.

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Melissa Summerall
Songwriter & Singer

With hopes of having established artists record her songs, Melissa Summersell has made her first record, Bare and Fully Dressed.  It’s a 2-disk project with 10 brand new songs she’s written and recorded 2 ways. There are a total of 20 tunes so you’re sure to find something you love. This is Traditional Roots Country. Melissa describes it as traditional eclectic with a lean toward twang. Whatever it is, it’s nostalgic, real, down-to-earth and it’s a dancin’ in the kitchen record from start to finish. She had the time of her life creating it for you and is thrilled that it’s ready to share.

Bare features the writer’s cuts with mostly just guitar and vocals by Melissa with a few surprises thrown in. (She plays percussion, washboard, jug, kazoo, triangle and harmonica on Bare too!) It was engineered and produced by Ray Norman at Dogwood Studio in Mobile, Alabama with Melissa co-producing. Norman produces music and sound design, is a voiceover artist, a writer, and a multi-instrumentalist known for his imaginative vision and direction.

Fully Dressed has the fully produced versions of the same 10 songs. It was created with her co-producer, Anthony Crawford, at Admiral Bean Studio in Loxley, Alabama with Anthony engineering, bringing his amazing musicianship to the project, playing more instruments than the law allows, and adding signature licks to the songs that bring out their personalities beautifully.  

Crawford has toured with the likes of Neil Young, Steve Winwood and Dwight Yoakam, among others, and has several cuts under his belt. A multi-talented singer, writer, producer and musician, Anthony is one half of the acclaimed duo, Sugarcane Jane, along with his wife Savana Crawford. Both Anthony and Savana are members of the nationally touring Americana supergroup, Willie SugarCapps.

Bare & Fully Dressed is a unique, inventive project that you’ll want to hear again and again.

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MORE: Melissa Summersell performed her originals in front of an audience for the first time at the age of 18 at the world famous Flora-Bama in Perdido Key, Alabama. The crowd loved it and she was hooked. In the years that followed, she earned her degree in music, performed for countless audiences with bands made up of some of Mobile, Alabama’s finest musicians and continued to build her business career off stage. Working full time and performing every weekend, there was no time for writing and even less time for inspiration. Musically, it was a time for entertaining large crowds with familiar sounds so cover tunes and big stages were the tools of the day.

Being part of the first version of Hank Becker’s Boogie Chillin' provided an opportunity for creativity and helped keep her artistic side energized to connect with the one-nighter audiences she loved so much. After 25 plus years, it was time for a break. During her hiatus, Melissa has found her creative voice again and so, has come full circle. Not having written for over two decades, her evolution from singer and entertainer back to musician and songwriter is just beginning and it promises to be exciting to hear.



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